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Gunnison Committee Master List.


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When Tom Roe brought forth the idea of this rally (we didn't know then it would be in Gunnison) at Shorcut's Christmas Party on Dec 8th of last year, little did we realize what it would become. However, the idea caught fire, everyone's imaginations raced, lots of people volunteered and did one heckuva job. And then it got real quiet.


DCB took over from Cary and we were all up in the air for a little while.


Well, the BBS is stronger than ever and moving forward. And it's now time for the Gunnison Committee to move forward as well. David has given me the point on this and the first thing I'm going to do is apologize to all of you for not having kept a copy of every single e-mail that was flying around. Had I done that, first I would need a bigger hard drive, but second I wouldn't have to ask many of you the many questions that will follow this post (both online and off), many of which you've already answered.


Here's what I have for members of the Gunnison Committee, along with your e-mail addresses. Where two addresses are listed, please let me know which one you want to use. And if the wrong one is listed, please correct it for me. I will make all the corrections on this post, so this will become the master list.


Registration Chairman - David Baker david@recourses.com

Dinner Chairman & KOA Liaison --- Tom Morgan phaedrus61@earthlink.net

Ride Route Chairman - John Bellantonio bell@amigo.net

Tour Captain - Richard Frantz rdfrantz@rdfrantz.com

Tech Chairman --- Tom Roe tmroe@visi.com

Coffee Chairman --- Michael Snodgrass snodman@earthlink.net

Master of Ceremonies --- Fernando Belair fbelair@aol.com

T-Shirt Chairman, Public Address System --Eric Luksich luky92104@yahoo.com

Campfire Chairman --- Up for grabs

Photography Chairman --- Brant Herbert brant.herbert@att.net

Group Activity Chairman --- Glen McIntosh glenoz@aol.com

Legal Eagles --- David E.B. Smith davidebsmith@davidebsmith.org

--- Mike Boomgarden bmwmike@att.net mike@bmwrt.com


Please respond below ASAP (also tell me if the e-mail address is OK, so we can check you off as having read and responded).


Thank you all for giving this your prompt attention.


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Looks good to me, Fernando. I believe the first email address (visi.com) is the one Tom is now using.


See my other note about SSlisz maybe being the registration person.

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You can use davidebsmith@davidebsmith.org for me. That one I can get from anywhere. Or the culinary-capers address works. Or the compuserve address. I got a million of 'em.


I probably should take this opportunity to provide the necessary disclaimer (and I suspect Mike B. will be in the same boat on this one). The nature of my employment provides that I have an exclusive attorney-client relationship with my employer. Therefore, any opinions or commentary or assistance that I might provide (in the past or future) outside that relationship are solely my own, do not constitute advice of counsel, should not be relied upon as such, do not establish an attorney-client relationship, and do not express, establish or implicate a policy, procedure or official action on the part of the City of Chicago or any of its officials or employees. S'ok?

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Thank you David for the legal disclaimer. I know you HAVE to write something like that and I understand why. Same goes for Mike. OK, anything you two say is your personal opinions and not those of attorneys who have an exclusive legal relationship elsewhere. Cool.


I've made the e-mail changes you all have so-far suggested, up on the first post in this thread. I still need to hear from the rest of the people in the group.


Meanwhile, time's a-wastin' and I need to get things rolling. So, at the expense of redundancy (not to mention repeating that which has already been saidwink.gif --- albeit months ago), I'm going to ask each of you to recount for me the duties and/or goals you assumed/agreed-to on behalf of the Gunnison Committee, what you've accomplished toward those goals, what remains to be done, and where you need help.


Please answer below.


Thank you.


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Hi. Email address is OK.


I'll be arriving Sunday afternoon with lots of materials. First COMMITTEE arrival should check in with Norm and Karen at KOA office and let them know we are setting up.


I'll be putting up a web site for the "rides while there", "ingress/egress routes", "directions to KOA", and a sign up for the Group Riding, and Riding Better seminars. If anyone needs something posted, or wants to set up an "offical" site, I'm sure Brant and I can make room and provide "cross links". My stuff will start to go up in two weeks.



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Ditto on the disclaimer. My e-mail is correct. Additionally, should anyone need to get in touch in a pinch, my cell phone is 630.881.0125. I travel a fair amount and don't always have daily access to e-mail.

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Email is correct. However, I'm not in a position to be any type of decent "group activity chairman" (whatever that means anyway). hANNABONE offered to be that guy some time ago, & I'd gladly be his 2nd to help how I can at the event, but for now, I have no extra time for planning, researching, etc., to make this what it can be for the masses. Hope this doesn't cause too much hardship.



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No problem, Gleno. Talked to KOA. They've got a broom with yer name on it.wink.gif


Actually, if we can just make you "The Floater." Kind of a Johnny-on-the-spot helper, that would be absolutely great. Don't worry, we'll cut you loose so's you can ride with the bride.

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FB, do you want me to contact Steve to take my place, or would you prefer doing it? Just let me know if you want help.

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