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Marsee Full Flow all season jacket- Comments? Force Five?


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I am seriously considering buying the Marsee Full Flow jacket. With the huge vented area for hot days, zip on fully water/wind proof over jacket, and an insulated liner it seems to be very versatile and well thought out. It is constructed of heavy material and has full CE approved armour, what is there to not like about this system? How does sizing run on these, a bit small or true to size? I measure a 48 chest but am considering a size 50 to accomodate my Gerbing's liner for the really cold days. From those who have experience, any comments appreciated.


How does this compare to the Force Five jacket that this replaced? Are the large zippered vents sealed well enough to be truly waterproof? How well does it vent for the hot riding days? I am asking about the Force Five now if anyone has used one of these.


I want to replace my Kilaminjaro as I prefer the waist length and need more vents than it provides.


I also heard a rumor that Marsee is abandoning the apparel business. They have always had a superior product, from my experience with their luggage. Super quality and attention to detail. Hope the rumor proves to be unfounded...

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I have the full flow and love it. One of the best items and just so functional. Last weekend, rode in temp ranges from 44 to 75. Durring the 90 days works great too.

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I just got a Tour Master "FLEX" jacket and really do like it. It has the zip off outer panel which exposes a huge mesh area for summer riding. It has the requisite zip in waterproof, windproof line, and a thermal liner for inside that. I never understood why you would want water to penetrate the outer layer, but that is the only way you can make it vented. It works very well, and have used it daily for about 2 months with no problems. I have a Cortech jacket that is soon for EBAY as the Flex works so well. I paid $212 out the door at Cleveland BMW but have seen them at other stores for the same price. Take a look at them, you might find what you want.... Jeff clap.gif

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Have a Force 4,predecessor to the 5.

Just bought the Marsee One Wear jacket(Full Flow with the liner and cover jacket)


The jacket body material is lighter in the Full Flow,than the 4(5),but armor is about the same.


Fit is good,actually run a little big,was able to get a windblock sweater under mine without any problems.

You may want to stick with your normal size,but if between sizes,then go up if you want to layer a little more.




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I really like mine. The full flow jacket is comfortable in very hoi temps. I road from S. Ga, north in mid July this year 90+ and it actuaaly kept the air moving around me as long as I was moving. With the whole system zipped up I have road as cold as 30 degrees.

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