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Verizon GPS

John Diakonis

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I found out recently that Verizon has phones with gps built in for a monthly subsription fee. Is anyone using such a thing? I haven't read up on all the details so I'm still in the dark. I overheard a saleperson in the store today explaining some of the features and it sounded like a dedicated gps to me.The one thing I heard that I liked was that it has voice prompts.

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I fiddled with it on my VZW cell phone. It's a network-based service. The network keeps track of your location and reports it to a small software app loaded in your phone. It's cute, but INSANELY slow. If you've ever attempted to connected to Mobile Web, you'll have an idea of how slow it is. Aboslutely useless. I believe it also consumes airtime.

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I received a complimentary 30 day subscription to Verizon's GPS mapping program with my new phone. It worked well, but the route planning is tedious and difficult to enter unless you are an accomplished text messager (I'm not). The map data is more up to date than either of my Garmins.


I could imagine using the Verizon unit with an ear phone on my RT. I can't imagine using the display while en route.


Verizon has both a monthly charge ($12.00?) plus air time to use their navigator.

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