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Dow Gear Guard


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Airhead tech guru Oak Okleshen recommends strongly against the 10% that some suggest and says 2.5% to 3% is the correct amount. Moly Gear Guard additive is highly recommended for transmissions and final drives by most (if not all) of the gurus on the Airhead list and at least two transmission re-builders I've spoken to.

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The Dow spec sheet says its made for petroleum based products, did they suggest to use it with syn based stock?


No they didn't. Everything I've ever seen says dino only.

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High moly (molybdenum) content is great for helical gear or hypoid gear tooth contact wear protection when running under extreme load but is not good for roller or ball bearing protection.. In fact moly build up on roller bearing or ball bearing inner races has been cause for concern & even thought to cause bearing failures in some cases.. Some years ago the Auto company I worked for had a number of rear axle bearing failures & high incidence of fairly low mileage bearing failures.. It was determined after a lot of testing, & durability miles, & lab analysis that a new high moly content gear oil being used was the cause .. (causing a moly build up on the bearings & acting like dirt or debris between the rollers & race)..


I guess if you are failing ring & pinion gears or failing trans gears then added moly would be a good addition.. If you are failing bearings then it wouldn’t be a good thing.. If you are failing neither, then why poke a stick at a sleeping tiger?



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Dow Guard label recomends 3-10% solution for cutting tools and 5-10% solution for gears. I've been using a ~7% solution on the tranny and FD for more than 100k miles. My tranny was rebuilt at 114k miles because of a bent 3rd gear fork and the FD is still going strong without any issues at 132k miles. Not only that, but IMO, the tranny shifts much smoother and is quieter than with synth oil or plain dino. I've been using the cheapest 80-90w GL5 rated gear oil I can find, usually the Wal-Mart or AutoZone house brand.



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What % of this moly additive is recommended for a final drive (04 RT) fluid change? I've read anywhere from 3% to 10% by volume.


I've been mixing it in at 5% since I first started using it in the early 90s on my first BMW, an R100 GS.


I also use it on my oilhead final drives...as BMW did.

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Recommended by whom? By BMW - 0%.


Yeah Ken, but nowhere do I see a 75W140 specification for gear oil either (not in my 2003 or 2004 BMW Owners Manuals), yet BMW NA sells it, at least according to what I've read on forums.


Both "factory fills" came out pitch black out of my final drives at the 1000 km (600 mi) mark and we both know gear oil isn't pitch black...never will be, even at 60,000 miles.


So what is BMW not telling us?

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