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Bigmak tankbag ABS platen reinforcement mod!


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For those of you who have the BigMak tankbag (and are wondering how you ever lived without it wink.gif ), but have that awful ABS plastic platen (especially if you live where it gets warm) and don't want to spend the money to upgrade to the aluminum one that should've come standard: here's a little mod inspired by Michael Cortes who showed me his similar solution at Paonia this last July. I don't know where he got the idea or if it was original, but Leslie just loves hers now. It is even more solid than my aluminum one which I still have to re-bend occaisionally. When we still used to have all the electronics in the tank bag and the rather large Kenwood FreeTalk XL hanging on the end, it would sag down (especially in the heat) and the radio would hit the tank and was scratching the paint!


This took Leslie all of 10-15 minutes to fabricate--most of that time was spent doing a nice job sanding and cleaning up the aluminum. Now she can carry her buckshot, fishing sinkers, and diving bricks in the near end of the bag without worry! tongue.gif


Cut a piece of aluminum angle stock or U-channel just a few inches shorter than the length of the platen and round over the sharp corners.






















Drill four (or so) holes in it fairly evenly spaced an inch or so from the ends. Hold it centered on the platen with a clamp and drill holes in the platen to line up with the holes in the aluminum.





Get some stainless panhead bolts with nylock nuts and secure the channel to the underside of the platen and voilà! Now you can even lean on it!



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George Westcott

I took the simple approach. I took the plastic platten to a nearby aluminum boat builder. I gave him $5.oo and he fabricated an exact replica out of scrap aluminum. Woks perfectly, and is very strong. Fits using original screws, no mods to the bracket.

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Jamie, thanks for the credit but I actually got the idea from Pat Allaire. I don't know where he got the idea but for about $0.50, it's a cheap, hard to beat solution. Over 60K miles on mine now and still holding up perfectly!

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What is that drill lathe thingie?


That's the Zyliss vise. Best thing since sliced bread. I bought my at a home show in Portland, OR. This place sell's 'em on the Web, here. Search on Google for "Zyliss Vise" for other sellers.

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