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Bungee Buddies


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Bungee Buddies...you know, those little tiedown points you can add to hard bags so you can attach additional stuff.


So here's my situation. The side and top cases on my R1100RT are just about the right size for all my wife's stuff, but if I want to carry anything more (like my toothbrush), I'm going to have to add capacity. Does anyone have experience with adding luggage (probably soft) onto existing hard cases. It doesn't have to be pretty, but I'd like it to be safe and secure. The Bungee Buddies seem like a logical approach, but even there, I'm not sure where would be the best place to put them and how to tie down extra gear. I realize that this might be moving me into GS territory, but I've only had the RT for a month, so I'm not in the mood to change bikes yet. Thanks to all for past help and in advance for anything y'all can offer on this topic.

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I bought some bungee buddies, but haven't installed them.


If I did, here's what I would try:


I think you would need not only to drill a hole in the case, but also add a reinforcing metal plate to the backside of the surface you drill, to strengthen it.


Maybe 1/8+ inch thick sheet aluminum, about 2" square, or something roughly like that. Insert a thin rubber sheet (scissor a thin mousepad) as a kind of gasket between the metal square and your plastic case so that the metal doesn't scrape the case, and to allow for the non-flatness of the case.


Before drilling, I would procure the straps I intend to use and determine where to mount them to hold whatever item I want to secure.


No promises it will work, as I haven't actually tried.

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Most people put install them in the top of the inner half of the case. No reinforcement is really necessary, and it's a flat area. The hole has to be placed far enough outboard to allow room for the fender washer on the inside. You can see them in the picture on this page.


One note with Bungee Buddies on the side cases - don't strap things down too tight, because that will tend to pull the cases upwards, off the mounting brackets, and make it easier to dislodge a side case.

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I mounted mine on top of the inner side cases


I didn't bother with any back-up plates. I only use these with a cargo net. I have carried camping gear, a chain saw, a rifle (broke down!), a case of beer, etc. (NOT ALL AT ONCE!! eek.gif) I am sure that you could carry a water tight soft bag with your toothe brush in it thumbsup.gif

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Well if you are riding two-up, only 2 BB on the inside cases isn't going to help much.


I have 4 BB on each bag, 2 on the inside, and 2 on the lids. I put the tent on the right side, and I have nylon straps, cut to length, and with d-links for tightening. The Kermit chair going on the other side. Wife goes in the saddle.


For riding and camping solo, I lash the tent, sleeping bag, and Kermit to the passenger seat with Helen2wheels straps. Works like a hotdamn. clap.gif

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Suggest you have "other" sit on the bike and look for a good spot to affis the buds to the bag. Also suggest but a dab of silicone on the backer washer to seal the hole from water entry. May not be necessary but mine have never leaked, some friends have. Good luck.

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I'm kind of like Jack Nicholson in "As Good as it Gets," arranging the silverware repeatedly until it's just perfect while he waits on breakfast at the diner! smile.gif. So believe me when I say I measured a hundred ways to find what I thought was the perfect spot. You'll notice right away that part of the bag is afflicted with a double wall, so you have to avoid that. Here's a picture of the installed ones:




And here are the measurements (for the holes themselves).


Rear: 2.00" rearward from the crack/seam, and 2.00" in from the inside of the bag.


Front: 0.75" from the crack/seam, and 3.25" in from the inside of the bag.


These don't interfere with the passanger, and they are affixed to appropriate places on the sidecases themselves.

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David beat me to a picture...


Here's my install. And I also just 'eyeballed' the location. I also sealed (I think I used some sort of silicon seal).




By the way, I rarely used elastic bungees (just don't trust 'em). But I do use the bungee buddies as fastening points for my nylon straps.




Mike O

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Jerry Johnston

You will want to install them on your rear box as well, it's handy to use them for holding a helmet with a short gun lock. I have both the factor Bungy Buddies and several that I got off a roof rack at a wrecking yard. Wasn't my idea - got it off this site several years ago. I like the ones from a roof rack better becasue I found some that had longer threaded piece. I used rubber washers from Lowels to keep them from leaking. Put the rubber washers top and bottom and a steel 1" washer on the inside.

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Oh yeah, one other thing - Bungee Buddies are essentially, if not the same, part as the tie-downs on the roof rack of a mid-90's Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth minivan. So if you don't mind having minivan parts on your expensive bike, you might be able to find some cheap substitutes at your neighborhood auto junkyard.

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You will want to install them on your rear box as well...


Got any pictures of BBs on the topcase? I'm thinking of putting some on my R1200RT case.


Thanks! thumbsup.gif

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Rob, Did you remove the inner case shell, as the r12RT cases are doublewalled, or did you find ones with longer threaded posts?

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I found Bungee Buddies to be a pain, too small to get anything other than a hook through. Soft ties, such as H2W, Roc straps, etc. around the grab rail will allow you to strap bags above the panniers without drilling holes in the panniers or having the hazard of bungees.


If you do decide to attach mounts to the panniers, I'd suggest either the larger loops that Aerostich sells or just a black drawer handle and some rubber washers from a hardware store.

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I installed the West Marine U-bolts on both side cases after reading about them in an earlier thread. After taking the inner part out I took digital pictures of the mechanism. Had I not taken the pictures it would have very, very difficult to reassemble. I looked but can't find the pictures or I'd post them.

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