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Baffling noise


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Usually I can't hear a thing with my earplugs in. But became aware of a noise, and it's been with the bike for the last 1000 miles or so.


Having driven a brief country-lane test run with no plugs/helmet, it is clearly coming from the back of the RT.


Its pitch is something like the sound of dragging brake drums/shoes, but a bit more rumbley.


Seems to be associated with the back wheel/transmission.


On the road, if I pull the clutch and let the bike continue, and with the engine ticking over, at any road speed, the noise doesn't alter.


It does not seem to be particularly related either to engine speed or road speed.


I span the wheel with the bike on the centre stand, and the disk pads aren't rubbing, and the wheel itself doesn't have any play when I try to rock it top to bottom.


Calipers are tight enough.


BMW dealer's mechanic rode the bike, acknowledged the noise, and said that it was most likely tyre noise, and that there was nothing obvious wrong with transmission/bearings etc. But I don't thing tyre noise is the answer, as the frequency/pitch of the noise would surely increase/decrease with speed.


Anyhow, the main reason for my visit to the dealer was for him to fit new tyres, and the new rubber has not affected the nature of the noise at all.


Aaaaargh. Altogether most baffling, and I wondered if anyone else has a similar story, and a possible answer?

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... and the new rubber has not affected the nature of the noise at all.

That's a pity -- until we got to this bit, we were all thinking 'tyre noise'! blush.gif


Presuming that you are still in warranty, my suggestion is to return to the dealer and make sure that your observations (and the concurrence of the mechanic) are noted on the BMW database record for the bike. At least that covers you for future problems of a related nature.


Beyond that, the only thing to do is to keep riding it. Keep a weather eye on the condition of the usual suspects.

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Are the tyres Dunlop D220's that were on it? Did you replace the tyre with the same type/model. I can tell you my D220s sang a steady song to me. I changed to a Bridgestone Battlax and the humming stopped.

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Thanks for the thoughts so far. In fact the tyre swap was with identical rubber as the original tyres, Bridgestone Battlax. Interesting that your move to these made the noise go away.


I am inclined to think that Frank is most likely right, a slow decay of the transmission.

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