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Need some advise


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I'm contemplating a '94 1100 RS with about 18000mi on the clock. I've owned 2 RTs in the past one '98 that was totaled and replaced it with a '99. I'm familiar with the 1100 oilhead engines/bikes and am comfortable with the maintinence and tuning. The tranny issues with pre '97 worry me a little mostly due to ignorance with what the issues were. Should this be a concern? I was told the bike was built late in the model year, but who knows. Anyway the price is right. I will be using the bike as a commuter.

Any other insight/problems with these early R bikes would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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I put 78,000 miles in 29 months on a 1100RT built in 95 with no issues at all, including transmission. I also know riders with a lot of miles on early 1100RS's with no known tranny issues. People just expected them to shift smooth like Asian bikes.

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