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Noob Tale from Years Ago


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Hello! I'm extremely new here (I've been lurking for a while), and I'm very impressed with crowd and the level of discourse. I thought as a way of introducing myself, I would post a link to a few pages I put together after a particularly satisfying road trip, back in 2002. I'm also using it as a way to motivate myself to finish writing a description of last summer's trip. Alas, this summer has not yielded a road trip.


Enjoy and please be gentle in your comments -- it'll take me some time to grow a thick hide.


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Yo, welcome! You'ze one brave fella to be ridin' a bike in New Youak! I t'ought I was gonna DIE just ridin' in the back of a taxi! Ask a guy here named Whip. Dem taxis is out ta kill ya!

Glad you finally grew some stones and joined!

grin.gif Great writeup of your trip. Love the stats. So, if you ever get a chance to run the Hudson Valley Parkway, stop in at the Culinary Institute, have a nice dinner, take some pictures (fall is beautiful there), and have a beer by the tracks. (I HEAR there's a package store in Hyde Park! Augie.gif)Lordy knows I had few in my time there!

Oh, BTW, you were wrong on your trip pics: That's not a windmill farm. It's Mercedes' Advanced Hood Ornament Testing Ground! The hood ornament's aren't big enough to scream "Hey, look at me! I drive a Benz!" for some of their owners so MBZ is testing the effects using really big ones! grin.gif

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Wow, great trip. Wow, huge spider.. yikes !!

So did you buy a new bike after that trip !!?? confused.gif


Just kiddin', good to have you de-lurk yourself, draw up a chair and make yourself at home smile.gif



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