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GS cat code plug pin info


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Can anyone tell me which pins on the CCP relay are used on a 2002 1150GS models in North America? For instance, I need to know which pins on the bike get connected with the OEM CCP relay.


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Do you have one in the bike now? What color is it? Try pulling it and looking for a connection diagram on one of its sides.


If yours is missing:


My Pink one connects 30, 87 and 87A.


"Golden Brown", stock for your bike, connects 30 and 87.


The third choice which is some kinda green, connects 30 and 87A.

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(Too late to edit my first post. Forgot this part.)


Look on the bottom of any of the relays (or the Cat Code Plug) to find out where pins 30, 87 and 87A are in the Cat Code Plug's socket. Each relay has the numbers of all the pins molded into its bottom side.

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