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The Panzer at Dusk


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Unable to get out on the bike yesterday , I vowed to sneak a ride out this evening , even though I didn't get home until almost dusk ........... I chose to ride in familiar territory , through the villages of Taynton and Great Barrington in Gloucestershire .........


Side view




Another glorious sunset ............




Clean bike ..............








Some wrought iron work ............










With the light fading fast , you can just about see the deer in this shot ..........





Time to go home now ...........






A short ride , with no traffic and mild temperature , just right after a busy day .



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Thanks .....yet again [ how many times have I done this ] I was just in the right place at the right time ........ it was beautiful to see .



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Steve, great photos as always.......


BUT.. did you know there is much MORE in them than you would think at first sight !!??


I took the liberty of showing you, with #1 as example. I hope you don't mind !

The first is the original you posted, the second shows what is hidden in the shadwos and highlights ..... smile.gif


Original posted:



Adjusted one:



Of course sometimes it is better to NOT retouche a photo and leave the under- or over-lighting. Since this is ART it is up to the artist and audience to have their preferences smile.gif Just wanted to show the possibilities of our modernday equipment wave.gif



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I like it - shows more information without loss of quality .

What did you use to do that ?

I use Irfanview [ sometimes ] , but didn't touch this photo - I have played around with a few in the past though ......



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There's a slight loss of quality in the sky.. which could be adjusted again too... I just exagerated a little to show the possibilities.


I use ACDSee Pro, Paint Shop Pro and Fireworks. Together they sort of make up for Photoshop CS2 (which is too expensive for me).


This particular photo I did with ACDSee only... the latest version has an option to automatically 'pick' shadows and highlights and mask them. (Normally you'd have to make the maks yourself, which is a very time consuming little job).

When youhave the masks there are a few sliders that allow you to change the settings of the mask.. adding more light, more contrast, deciding on where the masks should coincide etc.


It is a very nifty new feature that saves a lot of time (especially for me, because I usually retouche EACH photo I post).


I use ACDSee Pro : http://www.acdsee.com




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Francois ,

Being a tight wad [ english speak for not wanting to spend any money ] I use stuff that is free , and I probably don't use all those facilities available / properly !!


These two were done using Picasa 2






I guess I'll have to educate myself more on capabilities of both my camera [ I'm always asking Andy for tips ] and software like Irfan view .........or cough up and buy something .



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I have a used copy of PaintShop Pro 7 I no longer use - you are welcome to it (ulterior motive - I want to see more of your pics grin.gif).


Andy thumbsup.gif

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LOL ! I'm a 'tight wad' too I guess... but having made this my profession I can at least get the VAT back wink.gif


PSP7 is nice too..... PSP was bought by Corel actually, and are now at version 10. Picasa is good for keeping track of stuff !

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I'm going to take Andy up on his kind offer , and see what I can learn from using the software - I do , however , admit that my computer skills need upgrading as well grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif



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