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Side case lid exchange


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Thank goodness BMW came to their senses and did away with the rivets and now use screws. You can change a lid in 5 minutes or less. I have already purchased a used black right side lid in perfect condition for my red RT now I just have to be patient and find the left side lid.

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I'm thinking about going with the black lids on my red RT. It seems to be a much more durable option. Can you post a pic of your black lid/red bike?



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As a result of a recent 'booboo' which scratched one of my color-coded lids, I chose to purchase two new black (unpainted) lids from my dealer.


The total procedure for swapping both lids was about a 15 minute job; 4 screws/lid. My new lids even came with their own rubber gaskets which was nice and convenient.


I think the new black lids look pretty nice and don't detract in overall appearance IMHO.

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As a result of a recent 'booboo' which scratched one of my color-coded lids,


Do tell....love a good story smile.gif

I suppose I should make up a "good story", but the fact of the (boring) matter is that I was riding two-up with my wife on the back, stopped at a traffic light waiting for light to change, lost my footing and toppled over. My engine guard was scratched a tiny bit, my mirror housing popped off and was also scratched a tiny bit and the case lid was scratched and scraped somewhat. I just thank God that there were no personal injuries (except to my ego)!


I felt like a real:


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clap.gifWelcome to the club! I've dropped mine on it's left side twice when I forgot to put down the side stand. I now put the stand down while in 1st to make sure the engine cuts off before attempting to get off the bike.
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