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Global Vision C-2 Bifocal Readers


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I stumbled on the Sound Rider! website recently as they were offering some ROK straps with free shipping charges.


While there, I saw that they had some bi-focal motorcycle glasses available with interchangeable clear/tinted lens. Sweet! Since I need reading glasses to read maps on my tank bag, this is just the ticket for me:




They have them in the standard magnification options. I have to say for $30.00 (also free shipping charges on those), I found them to be a good value, the lenses are distortion free, come with a micro-fiber like carrying bag that you use to clean the lenses and even has a little built in pouch to hold the extra set of lenses. Me likee. thumbsup.gif


By the way, I'm not affiliated with the manufacture or the website.



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I've been riding with something similar for a couple of years now. Very useful. I got mine at SafetyGlasses.com. I have them in clear, for night time, and brown tint for daytime riding.


I also have quite a few pair of the Optx20/20 stick-ons from the same source. I worry that applying the bifocal stick-ons to a face shield will be unsatisfactory. They are meant to be closer to the eye than a face shield will allow, I expect. That being said, if you don't like them on the shield, you can always apply them to another pair of sunglasses or safety glasses, for that matter. They are reusable.

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Bob or Richard,


Did you try sticking the OPtx magnifying len's on the visor, and if so what was the result.


Age and fading eyesight is a wonderful thing!

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I've been using these from Aerostitch for about 10 years now, have them on several pairs of sunglasses for both riding and non-riding and they work perfectly.


Over the years, I had to increase the strength from 1.25 to 1.50, and now 1.75. Compared to what I would have spent for bi-focal glasses over the years, these have been very economical.



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