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Oh Boy, do I like this bike.


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Took a quick ride yesterday from West Yellowstone to Kennewick through Idaho Falls and Boise. I have put in some eight or nine hundred mile day on a R1200C and the '97 RT is much more "me". Woke up yesterday morning on the ridge above Wade Lake east of the lower Madison in Montana. There was a quarter of an inch of frost on the ground and I was a half a mile seriously uphill from a two lane cowpath with four inches of gravel in the bottom. The half a mile, though was laid over grass from twenty or thirty truck passing this summer. Headed down as early as I could, (love the ABS) and got to the 15 miles of ranch road and to the highway by 9:30 or so. After a two minute look north, decided to take the southern route. In retrospect, it was more of a morning thing and I would have gotten home earlier going to I-90. Took 20 across Idaho for the first time and really covered some ground. Other than the 5 miles at Craters of the Moon, it was good time. I rolled into the girlfriends place in Pendleton at seven and other than a little wrist soreness and thoughts of a different seat for the last fifty miles or so it was uneventful. The C would have had me out of enjoyment mode around the middle of Idaho, but I didn't even think twice about the decision to head south untill I was well into it. They really are both wonderful bikes and I am tempted to keep the C but I don't think that I will ride it much. Like I said earlier the RT is just more "me" cool.gif

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