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Heated vest?


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Gerbings, heated collar & sleeves and with a dual temptroller a very toasty package for controlling any other gerbings stuff you want to add (pants, gloves, socks)...

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This is Canada.... things get really cold.


Go with the Gerbings heated jacket liner and you will be happy and warm. Really need to get the temp. controller with it as the Gerbings jacket is just too hot if left on full blast all the time. Vest is just not enough when it is near freezing temp. wise. Arms and neck get too cold.


Steen Hansen in Alberta is the Canadian distributor or order from the USA. Check out Gerbings web site

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I've found the collar on the Gerbings to be stellar - nice to have a warmed neckline.


For what it's worth, I have both the vest and jacket liner (both Gerbings), and prefer the jacket. I've found if it's cold enough to need heat, then my arms would like it too. With the Gerbings jacket liner, I don't need both the jacket's factory liner and the vest. But, the layering affect of the vest with factory liner is nice.


I'd recommend finding someone that would let you take a one-hour ride with both, preferably, and see which you'd like.


As has been said before, be sure to get the controller. A dual controller if you are thinking of gloves.

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I have 3 items of heated clothing, 5 if you count 2 pair of gloves.


BMW 'Carbon' heated vest. Really nice in moderate to cool weather. Advantages are it packs really small, is not at all bulky under your jacket. 2 step heating is not perfect but adequate. Heating is very smooth and even. Disadvantages are no collar or sleeves, making for cold arms and neck in sub 40 degree weather.


Widder heated vest. Old school stuff, I've had it for 20 years, it is bulky and has only single control (on/off). The collar is nice and works well. Still get cold arms.


Gerbings jacket liner. Less bulky than the Widder and heat controller makes it easy to dial the comfort level in. At high settings, the heat distribution could be better, I tend to get some hot spots. Big advantage is that I can plug my Gerbings gloves or glove liners right into the sleeves and have toasty hands to go along with the torso.


We don't really get very cold here in S. Florida, in January and February, I'll toss the BMw vest in the saddle bag or tank bag if I anticipate being out after dark. When riding out of state in the cooler months, the Gerbings goes with.

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I really like my 'Warm n Safe'. It's more of a jacket with heating elements in the sleeves and collar, plus looks decent to just walk around in off the bike. Mmmmm toasty! smirk.gif

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I've owned the aerostich heated vest for years and didn't realize what I was missing util I got a heated jacket liner from Gerbings.


Having the sleeves makes a world of difference so I'd suggest going with that and a dual controller in case you add any more gear down the road.

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I have a Widder with a heated collar and arm chaps. I am very happy with the setup. You need to get the heat control as I find it gets way to hot without it. I haven't tried any of the other brands so I can't compare. I saw Ed's comment about the Widder being bulky but I don't find that mine is (but mine is a lot newer than his). If you want to use heated gloves the Widder gloves will plug into the removable arm chaps. I personallly don't like the Widder gloves as I find them too big an bulky. I can usually get by even in very cold weather with the heated grips.


The arm chaps run down the fronts of your arms and do make quite a noticeable difference on a cold day.


The Widder with the arm chaps on is a little fussy to get on (but not bad once you get the hang of it). I like the sound of the Gergings jacket liner and if I were replacing the Widder I might go that way. When I bought the Widder power consumption was an issue for me so I went with the Widder which uses less power than the Gerbings. Now that I have the RT power consumption is no longer an issue.

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BMW heated vest - the old syle with the collar. It's all I've ever needed. I like it beacuse it still works, the heated collar is fabulous, it packs quite small, and it's not bulky under a jacket.

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