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Center Island Poh-Poh vs. Eff's X50 Passport


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Paid to have the x50 recently.


Riding the bike with the Fellas, I lead the way along the one main road on tony Center Island, Long Island. Center Island is a lil’village with less than 500 residents. Mansions, waterviews, absolutely beautiful. Billy Joel currently lives there. Rupert Murdock, to boot. I once saw a dude there land his effin’ water plane in the bay and ride it up his backyard and enter his house. Blah, blah, blah.


There’s one road, with no standing signs all around. The speed limit is 30. One entrance/exit. The local police…do…not…play.


Trucking along, my x50 starts SCREAMING Ka band. For about a 3/4th of a mile. I am lead them doing a GPS certified 29.5 MPH.


There is no one around. Down one of the long driveways I see silver Volvo SUV parked, trailer hitch. No visual clues. Despite the fact that I am familiar with undercover cars and I am actively looking for the Poh-Poh.


We get to the turnaround and buy some lemonade off some lil’girls. I tell the guys that I think that Volvo down the driveway was a cop. They laugh at me. One says, “You mean that Swedish station wagon down that driveway? Come one!”


We return to see the XC90 AWD with strobe lights a blaze pulling over a lil’old lady in a Camry. As we pass I see the Stalker radar gun in the window.


Upon exiting (by the lil’cop substation) I spy a fully marked Volvo XC90 SUV. That undercover thing will pay for itself REAL fast.


Thanks Passport!



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