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Yet Another Saddlesore 1000 Tale


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This past Saturday morning about 3am, I left NJ with a good friend (2005 R1200RT) and we rode a big loop passing through PA, OH, WV, and finally back to NJ, in our attempt to complete the Saddlesore 1000. The trip went fine - no issues of any kind with either bike, though we were pulled over for speeding once.


My total tally was 1,153 miles in roughly 19 hours, which includes plenty of stops for gas, food, bathroom breaks, paperwork (for the ride certification) and so on. Actual riding time was around 16.5 hours. We noticed that as you get farther from NJ the roads open up nicely, and people actually understand that the left lane is used for

passing. Imagine that!


Next year, I'm thinking of doing something a little more extreme, like a 50CC (Coast to Coast in 50 hours or less) but this was a nice way to start....


Here's a pic of us at "The End" http://www.mklsportster.com/r1150rt/iba9-16-06.jpg



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