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brake pads on r1200rt


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I would recommend EBC brake pads. They are a high quality pad which I have used in the past. The part number I got off a previous post was FA363HH for the front and FA363 for the rear. Try www.ronayers.com. The cost should be approx. $25 or less for the rear.

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I have a correction on the EBC brake pad numbers. The front pad is FA335HH. www.ronayers.com sells a pair of front pads for $24.88 each. The rear pad number I gave him (FA363HH or FA363) he said was not coming up as a valid reorder number. Not sure what to think of that situation.

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Couple of things on brake pads:

Don't they match pads to discs these days? Just wondering that if you put a-n-other maker's pad to BMW disc do you get everlasting pads but keep replacing more expensive discs? Just asked .....

BMW Pads smell like they are the asbestos free versions - are all pads like that these days?????


I am 17500miles on my RT and rear discs must be 2/3rds+ worn - I am having them changed next week at 18,000 service

But the big shock was the fronts pads - 3 of them were okay or so it seems but one (on the inside had worn unevenly and at one end was almost on the metal???? They too will be changed.

Going to check them more often but that one pad was a big surprise.

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