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R1100R GPS bracket options?


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I originally posted this in the Bike Related Things forum, but after thinking about it, I reposted it in the Oil Head forum, so apologies in advance if you've already read this.


I'm looking around at GPS brackets and I'm wondering what anyone else is using. I'm lookinag at Garmin's 60CSx. Cycle Gadgets has a cradle for the GPS unit, but I'm looking for a way to attach the cradle to the bike.


Cycle Gadgets has the following RAM kits:


But the fine print says this works for pre-1997 R1100R's (mine is a '99)




To me this option is less that optimal, I don't have a windshield (I have a speedscreen from a 1150).


Adventurers Workshop offers this for a 1100GS, I assume the speedo is the same size on the GS and R models, so I assume this would fit.



Which mounts to the bike like this:




What does anyone else do? Can you post pics if possible?


Thanks, Kevin

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