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Towing On the Rear Tire


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Hi All, I have to go pick up a cage and want to ride the bike to fetch it up. It would really make things a lot easier if I lifted up and secured the front wheel, tied down the forks and towed the bike in neutral on the rear tire. I can't envision any problems. Has anyone actually tried this?



'78 Wing

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Don't do it!!


Potential damage to the transmission as the input shaft will not be turning and the angle of the bike will preclude splash lubrication of the forward most gears and bearings. If the cage you will be returning with has a hitch, rent a small utility trailer and tow the bike in that. Better yet, for a couple hundred or so, get a single rail motorcycle trailer and take it home with you.

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I agree with Shovel-


If you care at all about the bike, don't tow it that way. Not only could it hurt the transmission, but some bumps might knock it into gear, then what happens?



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