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Brake Pads, OOPS!


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Just replaced the front pads on my GS, and with the new pads, I had to spread the calipers a bit. When I got things backtogether, I found a small puddle of brake fluid on the ground, I can see a hose where it came from, obviously some overflow hose, Do I need to worry about how much fluid I got in there now?


I just had the banjo bolt recall done, I am thinking with the new pads, I should be ok.



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If you are saying it came from the overflow vent hose in front of the rear wheel, (There are a collection of them for various vents), you are fine, good to go. It was actually slightly overfilled before. If it came from anywhere else, you are on your own.....Good Luck!

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I believe that the fluid comes from the ABS control unit. The reason I know this is that after my last service my fuel tank breather hose got pinched. When I asked the technician why he took the tank off he told me he wanted to check the abs unit as he had found a number of occasions where people had done exactly what you did and pushed the fluid out of the ABS unit. If you pushed too much out you will get a brake warning message on your dash. Keepi n mind that I am no mechanic and I am just relaying what I was told.

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Yep, overflow vent hose from in front of the rear wheel. Just went for a test ride, no brake alert on the dash, and good brakes.


5 days till vacation!

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