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Maxxis Tires on RT?


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I have loved my Maxxis tires on my road bike (bicycle) and just recently purchased a used 2004 R1150RT. The tires on the RT will need to be replaced soon, and I was wondering if anybody has used the Maxxis SuperMaxx tires on an RT or RS. I did a search and only found one post related to the Maxxis tires, nothing really releated to the SuperMaxx though.


The bike currently has a set of Pirelli tires on it, just kind of as an FYI.



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I think I posted my thoughts about Maxxis on the other post as well but I will repeat, for what it is worth.


I swear by my Maxxis tires on my dirt bike (Desert AT) they have held up better and I have better traction than any other tires I have tried on it. I ride in the desert and the mountains so my tires take a beating during races, hare scrambles. I also plan to put Maxxis on my 5th wheel trailer; the Maxxis trailer tires also have a good reputation so far.


In short I trust Maxxis and I may very well put them on my RT shortly. I have Michelin Pilot's which have served well but the wear pattern on the front tire makes me nervous. I can't complain about the 14K miles on them, so far, though.

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