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Barre Falls Dam, MA (on the way to Sturbridge, MA)


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I had big plans of going up to Maine on Saturday (thanks Felicia), but I was reminded that we had a extended family outing planned to Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, MA ( http://www.osv.org/ ). Basically, it's a early 1800s village created from buildings collected in New England ( pics here http://new.photos.yahoo.com/bmw_keith/album/576460762313719413#page1 )


My wife didn't mind if I met them there, so I got up a couple of hours early and plotted a basic course. My basic route was 495S-2W-68S-56S-31S-49S-20W.


Back roads to Westford, MA to get gas before heading on 495S. Next onto 2W. 2 is highway, but it's never crowded north of 495. It has a few sweeping turns, but can someone tell me why there are at least 3 manholes/covers in the middle of the left lane somewhere around Gardner? smile.gif


Next 68S through Gardner which is known as the furniture capital of New England ( http://www.gardneroutlets.com/ ). I've bought some there myself, but I digress. Once you get through the town, the road turns more rural.


You sometimes forget being in a city like Boston, that it's not too far to find farms, stands, shops, lakes, small downtowns, greens, state parks and the like.


Here's a roadside attraction if I every saw one:



The farm shop behind it. There are a couple of farm stands every other town.



A little farther down the road, a collection of hobbies, I'd say.



Then, in the center of Hubbardston (before 56S), I saw a small sign, hung on the side of a building, that said "Barre Falls Dam". This seemed like the perfect time for a detour. I rode for a bit, not find it but figuring it had to be here someplace. A nice tree covered scenic road.



I rode onto the earthen dam. I learned that it's only filled with water when there is runoff to control. I'll have to come back in the spring to see.




This is the overflow.




Hmm, not for RT, maybe a GS?



Does anyone know what this is?



Does this give a clue?


It's a frisbee golf course, of all things.


I rode over the dam and followed the road past some picnic areas and then came road ahead. It was tempting, but I was a "schedule" to meet the family.



The flow control house.



With not much flow this time of year.



I wish I had taken a better long shot across the dam, but the water can supposedly come up to the stones - look back at the flow control house to get an idea.



closeup of the flow control house.



This small river could be raging in the spring.




Someplace around 56S, I had stop for this picture.



Not bad for a detour on my ride. While I didn't take any pictures on 56S, it was another great road to ride. Rutland looked like a nice small town that I should stop at next time.


I don't remember 31, and 49 was basically a 2 lane highway - good for just getting there.


I was going to take 20E to 495N to home, but the traffic starting building on 20E. Then there are the idiots that look like they are going to left turn into your lane, but then slow down, then go, then stop and block a lane each way - the are really annoying, The do make you appreciate the ABS. Enough of that, I was getting tired so I went 395-290-495 to home.

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Frisbee golf??


Yes, Frisbee (or Disc) Golf. Here are two websites, the Disc Golf Association (DGA) and the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA). cool.gif The first one showing you a similar picture of the basket that the OP attached.


I haven't been in a while, but it's quite fun actually, and very challenging. A friend of mine who got me involved years ago is classified as a Master and is also on the Board of Directors for the league. clap.gif


It mimics everything you would think for ball golf, right down to the player's galleries, even a caddie if you so desire. dopeslap.gif


I know, it sounds weird..., until you try it. thumbsup.gif

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There is great riding on those dirt roads past the dam, too bad you didn't have time to explore. They are easily passable on an RT. Most loop around to rte. 122, after a while. There are maps available online, I think.

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