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Techlusion 259 - 1032: which pot is which?


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I bought a Techlusion 259 P/N FI-1032, and it came with the wrong printed instructions. frown.gif


In the printed instructions, the four pots are shown arranged in a square pattern and labeled with colors and with some feature allowing the use of a voltmeter. The photo in the instructions shows the unit as a black squarish box with a big 259 logo, something like this:



What I received was different: a reddish elongated box with a big TFI logo. It has four pots arranged all in a single row, without any kind of markings or coloring to distinguish the four pots. The box looks like the one in the photo below, (but the cable connectors look like those in the top photo above)


The four pots are lined up in a row underneath the black rubber cover in the lower-right quadrant of the front panel of the box. I don't see any way to measure a voltage corresponding to a pot setting. confused.gif


Poking around the Techlusion website, I found these instructions:



The printed instructions I received look like the Rev_2.pdf file, which doesn't show the right configuration of pots. I'm not sure whether the Rev_3.pdf file is right for me because it has a photo of the black squarish 259-logo unit, not the red elongated TFI-logo unit. confused.gif


I looked at the Support Forum on Techlusion's website, and I found one customer who asked a question like mine but didn't get a relevant answer. frown.gif


So, has anybody verified which pot is which, from left to right?


Oh, and BTW, I can't get my bike to start after installing this thing. When the engine cranks it sounds like it's not getting any fuel. I have about 2 gallons in the tank, and the battery is charged. I can't think of any way of testing it, other than removing it.

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The pots are G Y R and Cruise going left to right, as in the link to rev3 in your post.

But...there are NO voltage pads to accurately set the voltage on this 'new, improved' version of the 1032.

The instructions still say this is the preferred method, but they are 'old' (6/06 !) and will be updated shortly, I'm sure.... eek.gif

The clock settings start at

1 o'clock= 0 volts and go to 11 o'clock= ~5v in ~.5v increments.

I don't know why my pos browser will not let me copy a link right now, but if you go to the Techlusion BMW forum and read the

'Warm Stumble after brief engine off' thread you'll see where the mod gave me this info at the bottom....

Also...if you down to the 'General Questions' forum at the bottom and click on the 'Blinking LEDS' thread ~ halfway down the first page, get to the last post where the mod 'ProFueler' links to a PDF file 'Understanding the Pots'.

This info is a much more comprehensive, simpler explanation of how to set the pots compared to the gibberish that is the actual 'instructions'... thumbsup.gif

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No Heat, hopefully JM's reply has helped you.. I am up to speed & knowledgeable on the older 259 units but haven't worked with the new units yet.. Next time you have the cover off of yours if possible try to take a digital picture of the insides.. It would be nice to include both pictures in a single post with instructions on adjusting both units.. There seems to be a bit of uncertainty on the newer units that don't have the voltage pads..



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thx, JM, for the pot sequence. That helps me deal with the sorry instructions that were provided.


You don't have a browser problem, btw - Techlusion's website doesn't show the URL of the page you are viewing, so that's why you can't paste it.


twisty, I'll take a photo of the Techlusion 1032 innards and post it later.


I found the problem with not starting - I had failed to fully insert the fuel quick-disconnects, after reinstalling the fuel tank. They seem to require applying force until an audible click, when inserting. dopeslap.gif Next, some test drives to see if the surging is improved any.

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Attached to this and the next 3 posts are photos of the Techlusion R-259 P/N FI-1032 (the packaging says it's for BMW 1100S, 1150 all, 1200 Twins all)


The photo attached to this post shows:

the unit with the oblong rubber cover removed, to expose the pots and LEDs, which here appear to be white squares, but illuminate in green. My LED on the left stays on, when the engine is running. The annotations in yellow are mine:


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the photo attached to this post shows:

Enlargement of the pots and LEDs.


I have adjusted the pots to the manufacturer's suggested positions (at least I think I have, but I might be wrong, since the instructions are incomplete and confusing).


The arrows on the pots point toward tick-marks that correspond to "clock positions" such as 2:30 for the first pot.


Note that there are no markings to indicate a color such as red/green/yellow, and no marking to indicate "cruise". This was the reason for my OP.


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the photo attached to this post shows:


The inside of the box.


I removed 2 screws to open the unit, in a fruitless search for contacts where I could measure voltage. Contrary to the pathetically-out-of-date instructions provided with the unit, there's no point in removing the cover as I have done here. The pots and LEDS are accessible without removing this cover. There is nothing else that's user serviceable. Everything on the circuit board is covered with a clear sealant, so that there's no way to measure a voltage, contrary to the printed instructions (both Rev_2 and Rev_3 pdf files).


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the photo attached to this post shows:



The unit mounted with the supplied velcro on my airfilter cover. The black plastic plug that covers the access hole to the pots is removed for this photo because I was test riding while trying out different pot settings; for normal riding you would install the plug to cover the access hole.


There are two big coils of excess cable lengths there, too: one coil is for the Techlusion, the other for my PIAA 1100x lights - they both came with cables that were much too long.


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John, thanks for the great pictures.. Once you verify what each of those pots on your unit does either update the picture I posted or identify what each lettered pot does & I will post the update.. This should help future readers identify what they have & what pot does what on each unit..






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