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waterproof cover for RT


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I have a Dowco Guardian and it's just the ticket. It covers all the way down to below the axles. There's a strap that runs under the bike to hold it on too if you want to use it (I usually don't). It has a soft flannel lining for the part over the windshield and has a heat resistant material for the lower portion so you can put it on the bike without waiting for it to cool down.



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Also have the Dowco Guardian. Had it for maybe 5 years before I moved from the HD to BMW. Last summer I was in Manitowoc. WI where the company is located. The thread at the bottom of the cover was coming undone. So I took it in to have it sewed up. Got a call the next day to come by and pick up the cover. They gave me a new one!! What a warranty!! Fits the 1200 perfectly.

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