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Any opinion on Pirelli MTR24?


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I've just been emailed a limited offer for a 170/60 ZR17 Pirelli MTR24 rear tyre, and it appears (?) to be a new model. Does anybody have any experience of this tyre? Stocks are limited so I need to act fast. But it would help to know whether it's aimed more at the speed freaks than us more sedentary riders.


Thanks for any advice, good or bad.



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It's actally an old model. They stopped importing it to the US a while ago. I liked the two sets I ran. They were great in the rain. Got about 4k out of them which is about the same as what I got out of MEZ4's. They certainly aren't the longest wearing tire, but stick great, handled well, were great in the rain, and wore fairly evenly.

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