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Rider Backrest for R1200RT


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Anyone know of a vendor that sells a Rider backrest for the R1200RT ?? Without getting it as part of a custom saddle (Corbin, Russell,...) Want to keep the stock heated seat.

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+1 on the bakup. I have one and it is great. pricy though, but what item for a BMW isn't? tongue.gif


How does it work with a passenger? Do you remove it every time or does it fold under the seat or do you make sure your passenger fits between the backrest and the top case?

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I got the Bakup and recently did a couple thousand mile trip on it. Very high quality piece, excellent workmanship, nothing like the pos on my Road King.


Haven't used it with a passenger but shouldn't be a problem for them to step over when getting on.


Only problem I had with it was that the post for it goes between the front/back sections of the seat. I couldn't slide back as far as I wanted because the seat post was there. As such, I couldn't get onto the widest part of the seat (just put on a Sargent at the same time) without my tailbone resting against the metal post.


Wouldn't be a big problem on shorter rides probably, but on those extra long days, more room to shift back would have been nice. I've actually taken it back off and am going to go on some rides without it to compare the sargent seat with/without the backrest.


Don't have a closeup, but here's a pic from the trip, gives you an idea of the look on the bike...

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I also have the Bakup..a very fine quality item. At the MOA in Vermont I purchased the J-Pegs highway pegs. Whenever I tried to use them on the highway I'd raise my feet and the rest of me wanted to move back. Without the Bakup it's uncomfortable to ride in that position for very long. With the backrest I'm pretty comfortable on long highway trips.

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I have a Bakup back rest on my RT and I love it! It is adjustable and adds a lot of comfort. There was a recent thread (which I can't find, of course) detailing suggestions on how a passenger could get seated with a rider back rest. Go for it! Rick

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I have one comeing from:


Raffy is a friend of mine when I lived in Roseville, CA.


Does anyone know if the Backup backrest fits with Rick Mayer seats? My wife does not feel as secure on the RT as she did on the LT - she misses the backrest.


Do you have a topcase for your RT? That should offer some support for your passenger.

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