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clutch fluid leaking out of bleeder hose.


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I had this bike for a couple of months now. No leakage at all. All of the sudden I notice a few drops of oil where my bleeder hoses come out from underneath the bike. I check all the level a few days ago and they were full. Now I notice that I only have 1/2 glass on my cluck level bubble. Why would the clutch start draining fluid through the bleeder hose. I only drove my standard 32 mile commute this morning and I didn't notice any fluid leak when I jumped on the bike this morning. But I guess I could of missed it. Anyone have any thoughts on this.

Thank you,

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Please note:

You are only supposed to have "half a bubble" in your clutch master cylinder (level with centre dot) with the bike level on the centre stand and bars straight.

If you have fluid leaking from the bottom of your bike, its an easy check to see if it is from your hydraulics, battery, oil or fuel. You can rub, smell or taste it..each is distinctly different...your choice of methodology grin.gif

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The hoses out from under the bike are brake ABS vent, battery vent, fuel tank vent (via the charcoal canister) and canister purge intake. None of them have anything to do with the clutch.


The clutch bleeder hose is tied up to the frame on the upper right rear. Behind the right black removable panel.


Investigate those for what specifically is leaking/dripping.

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