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Enging Clank Resolution?


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Has anyone had any resolution to the "clank" issue. There were quite a few posts earlier and then all got quiet. Just wonder if anyone has had any success at diagnosing the problem properly.

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I have been traveling out of the country and hope to get back in time for some autumn riding in Arkansas.


Yes - my bike "clanks" at the same spot - I suspect the cam tensioner - not the "early" problem, but a later sporadic problem based on tolerance.


It is not a problem common to many R1200's... out of the 12 or so sold by my dealer so far, mine is the only one - but since it hasn't been written up by a BMW bulletin yet, then is a "owner" problem so far.


Good luck, and again let us know !


I hope your dealer can identify and correct the problem - and I would be very eager to know the result.


No... it does not go away with milage, actually aggravates me more now that it did on the first day...


Let us know the result !

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Mine developed a clank on the right side of the engine after the lK service. Sounded for the world like piston slap. Dealer replaced the timing chain tensioner and I've had no problem since with 21K miles. See ya. Bill

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