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Sticky clutch when cold


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Looking for some internet diagnosis...


'03 R1150RT with 70k on it, all highway miles. When the bike is cold, the clutch free play is minimal, meaning the clutch engages very quickly as I let out the clutch lever. This goes away very quickly, when the bike warms up, and the clutch engages at the normal spot as I let out the clutch. Ambient outside temperature doesn't seem to effect it, since I first had it happen on the AZ desert at Tombstone.


I changed the tranny oil just before this started, using 85/140 synthetic, or some number close to that. That shouldn't be the issue though...


Clutch spline has never been lubed, wondering if that's an issue.

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Could be a spline issue, could be a clutch slave issue, could be a clutch master cylinder issue.


Has the clutch circuit ever been flush & bled?


I think if it was me I'd do that first to see if it was contaminate related. Then if that didn't get me anywhere, pull the slave cylinder and have a looky-see.

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