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Sticky downshift, what to do next


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I have a 2000 R1100R with just under 30K miles. Bought it new and have maintained it properly. In the last 1000 miles or so I have experienced an intermittent problem with downshifts where the shift lever seems to be stuck and requires more pressure to free it up and downshift. This happens in different gears, 2nd to 1st, 3rd to 2nd, etc. I had my local shop (Ride West, Seattle) look at the problem, they drained and inspected the tranny fluid (it was fine), adjusted the clutch and replaced the fluid with synthetic. This had no effect on the problem.


I've done enough research to know that sticky downshifts can be symptomatic of lack of lubrication or pending failure of the transmission input shaft.


I guess best case would be that the input shaft is just lacking lubrication and not trashed. The bike is well out of warranty and I don't want to spend several thousand dollars repairing or replacing the input shaft or rebuilding the tranny. I know there is an outside chance that BMWNA will cover part of the repairs but I doubt they will commit to anything before the repairs are actually completed and I am sitting on a big bill.


Anyone experience something similar and have some advice for me?

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Concernng the shift linkage, grap the shifter near where your toe strikes it and try to pull it in and out (ie: away from the bike and back in). If there is a ton of slop you should replace the felt bushing (behind the kickplate) at the pivot point, this area is often overlooked.. Cheap and easy fix (before you shell out $$ for clutch splines).

If you should need a clutch spline lube it's $400 at a local dealer. That's the lube only, you shouldn't need a new clutch yet, but if it's determined you do, you're now up to $1200.

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If nothing else, pull the starter motor (this is easy to do) & see if there is ANY sign of debris etc from spline wear in the clutch housing. You might also even be able to see if there is rotational clearance in the spline system.


From there you can decide if you are looking at an impending failure. My guess is you need a spline lube job though.

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