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scalded legs. 02 k12rs


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i recently swapped out a 2002 r1150r and got a 2002 k1200rs. i had driven this k bike and other kbikes, both older and newer, and i hadn't noticed this 'feature' on my test ride. the heat that my legs are exposed to seems excessive. if i were to ride with shorts, after 10 minutes the heat would be darn close to painful. with pants on it is very warm. 2-3 times warmer than the rbike. i rode a buddies 98 k1200rs and the heat was less, i rode a 2003 GT and the heat was less.


the heat seems to concentrate above my ankles and about 6" up. left leg worse than the right.


what gives? how can this bike be so different than the others? from what i can tell the fairing is intact and good condition. i bought it from the original owners with 7k miles, they said it had never been on the ground. the temp gauge reads just above the middle mark.




thanks kevin


other than the heat this bike is a dream!!

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you're not going fast enough


they put out heat as all watercooled motors do

don't wear shorts

the heat has never been enough to stop me from riding in any tempereature or conditions and I ride all the time w/heat indexes well above 100

if it really is unbearable and the temperature indications are normal then check sender and gauage

probably you are just noticing it more now that you've bought it

minor case of buyers remorse lmao.gif

go faster wave.gif

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I second the "don't wear shorts" advice. The only time I've had anything happen like that in 37K with the RS is this summer when I had mesh overpants over shorts. Not enough insulation between me and the heat source, and I got kind of a sunburn on both calves.


I find it more comfortable in overpants + jeans - the combination insulates from engine heat and the heat from the sun.


The night I started the trip home with mine was the first time I noticed the heat, and prior to that I'd ridden another KRS quite a bit, and never noticed. After a while (two states over grin.gif) I didn't notice it any more.



Go farther and faster... thumbsup.gif

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The K-Tech section at www.ibmwr.org has a few articles on the subject. Probably the most useful is this one: http://www.ibmwr.org/ktech/k100-heat.shtml. It talks about stuffing the gaps that let the hot air out inside the fairing instead of through the gills leading out of the fairing.


The others mention K-Guards, molded plastic parts that do about the same thing. From what I've heard, these seem to be the bee's knees. Sadly, the maker seems to have had some issues at least a couple of years ago and isn't selling them anymore. Every six month or I do a google search and check his website, but there hasn't been any new news.


Then there's the quick and dirty solution that I've started trying when I wear shorts under my mesh overpants - a pair of soccer shin guards. At least for me, they are just big enough to add some insulation to the part of my legs that get singed and bring the temps down from broil to bake.


Hope that helps.




Karl in NC


Oh, if anyone has some of those K-Guards they don't need anymore, I'd be happy to take them off your hands......

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Like many of the others have already pointed out.. you simply are not going fast enough!! lmao.gif I feel some heat off mine but not so bad as to be unbearable. crazy.gif I also wear some mesh clothes.. some solid leather.. some fabric.. all at different times though. lmao.gif

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thanks for all the input.. my buddy with the 98k12rs and i swapped bikes today. he laughed at me.. said it was fine, normal.. i also told him that many of you said 'just go faster', he smiled and chuckled.


i stuck my hand down there and the heat from the lower vents, the ones over the head and the oil fill, are the culprits. the upper vents, although warm, aren't the ones causing the issue.


i will be looking into the GT rubber bits. i too will keeping an eye out for those 'kgaurds'.


thanks for the help.. smile.gifsmile.gif

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