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The Washington Side Of The Columbia River Gorge


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Taking the advice of one of our forum regulars I rode the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge today. I picked up Hwy 14 above Portland and followed it all the way to The Dalles before turning South on Hwy 197. Once I cleared the bridge I immediately turned back toward Portland, West, and rode Hwy 30 to the Discovery Center where I took the Museum photos below. I again followed a forum contributor's advice and rode Hwy 30 from The Dalles to Hood River. What a spectacular view as this stretch of Hwy 30 climbs the mountain range above the gorge and parallels Interstate 84.

15-25 mph curves were the norm. I had to fight the temptation to look at the breath taking scenery as I attacked each set of twisties for fear of running off a cliff. Thanks to all for a great ride of about 250 miles on a beautiful day.




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Excellent choice and nice pics,avoid 84 at all costs,if you can.


The only decent part of 84 is from the Dalles headed west,but from there get on the old highway as soon as possible,stop at Multnomah Falls and Crown Point,avoid the Portland traffic as long as you can.



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The WA side rocks, doesn't it? Jennifer and I hit it during a major heat wave a couple of summers ago. We didn't let the heat detract us from the incredible scenery!




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