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mystery bracket


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I heard a clanging noise coming from my front end while driving over bumps. I discovered one of the brackets supporting the front fender had broken. I stopped by a BMW dealer to buy a new bracket and discovered no such thing exists the microfische.

I also checked the parts "fishes" on the A&S website, also negative.

I removed the fender and photographed the undamaged bracket attached to the right fork leg.

I simply removed the undamaged and damaged fender bracket extensions and attched the fender directly to the fork leg. The only difference now is the fender sits a bit closer to the tire in the front.

This looks like a factory bracket, why is it there and what does it do?


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Possibly to fit a higher profile tire? Makes sense to me dopeslap.gif

Could be..are CHP spec runflat D205 Dunlops..higher profile"? Is this a RT-P only item for some reason?

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I think the R1100RT-Ps with laced wheels used 17" rear and 18" front. The bracket might be to clear a larger 18" front tire. They also had a longer centerstand.

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