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R1200ST Windshield Scratches


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Does anybody else have a problem with their windshield having a lot of fine line scratches on it? I have tried plexus and nothing seems to alleviate the problem. My Aprilia's winshield never had any scratches like this one does. I am thinking my dealer scratched it when it was sitting for over a year and a half probably when they would clean the dust off of it. I am just wondering if this is a common problem.

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Not a problem with mine at all. Plexus and a soft clean cloth and voila, shiny.


Double check your cloth and make sure you are "rolling" it to a clean surface often. Also, don't use a lot of elbow grease. Lighter touch is better. thumbsup.gif

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Mine's also got a lot of scatches. Like yours, mine was also sitting in the showroom for quite a while, and I inherited most of them. This stuff's pretty good at removing them:



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