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Supplemental LED Brake Light ?


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Tom, as long as it is an LED no problems what so ever.. I just installed one on my 02 RT.. After being hit in the rear & flying through the air on my 1100 last summer I am kind of paranoid about rear tail/brake lighting now..


I looked quite a while to find a decent rear supplemental tail/brake light that not only functioned good but also looked decent.. I think I have found my answer. I just installed a Cycle Dynamics L.E.D license plate frame that has 2 very bright LED bars that work as both a tail light supplement & very bright additional brake light.. I am very happy with the brightness & direct rear visibility.. The only thing I don’t really like is off angle rear visibility.. That is a trait of most LED’s in they are only very bright out to about 15° off to the sides.. But directly from the rear they are almost blinding even in sun light.. A very easy install also…



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I put one on my 02 RT as soon as it came available at the dealership. Very easy install. A little pricey, but I feel it is worth it to prevent getting rear ended. go to www.gizmomill.com . Very well built. Part #BK-R1150RT $120.00

Hope this helps, and keeps your eyes on your mirrors at red lights.

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I have been running the dual function led's from cycle gadgets for a few weeks now. About $85 with shipping. No modifications to install-plug in wiring and two sided tape. I wanted more of a tailight(especially if the bulb were to burn out and I did not notice) and I was especially surprised at the brake light. It is extremely bright and I left the constant flashing mode in place. I can touch the brake lever and I often notice drivers behind me back off. I think that would not often be the case without the flashing brake light. All led's tend to be more or less directional. Mine serve the purpose intended very well. I expect I'll have a version of these on every bike I ride from now on!

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I have the BMW supplemental LED brake light. It is straight-forward to install but a little heavy on the rear fender/mud guard. I ended up removing my "helmet guardian" because both items added too much weight to the flimsy fender.


The light is bright and better than most off-axis. It only flickers briefly before turning solid.



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