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redwing boots


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I have used RedWing boots for several years now and they work very well. As long as you keep the boots oiled, they will be waterproof. They are comfortable enough to walk around in. I used them at the RA Rally in Boisy this year and no problem. thumbsup.gif

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Thanks, Bill. I'm going to be using my RT to commute to work on more frequently now, and want a good boot to wear that I don't have to change out of when I get there. These may be the ticket!

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Just a safety note. Non dedicated boots perform poorly in a get off.


I wear full gortex lined mil spec standard boots and when I flew off My ankle impacted pretty hard resulting in a very swollen sore ankle!


The weight of the boot added to the g force of the hit and this was a low

speed dump.


I clearly see the added benefits of ankle protection in riding boots now as well as the reduced weight.

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I commute daily and hated switching between riding boots and dress shoes. I found redwings, switched and have never looked back. I get great daily wear, office wear, plus they feel great while riding. I like the ratings redwing offers. I use 1143's and another model.

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My favorite Red Wings are the fireman's boots with a zipper instead of laces. Originally bought their blems at an discount cheap sob that I am. Then had them resoled by the local Redwing outlet. In my closet I also have Sidi SympaTex, Sidi shorties and BMW zippered boots waiting for me to get back to them.

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Same exact situation for me (RT, commute, didn't want to swap out). I don't know what kind of job you have, but I have a business casual situation at work so I chose the 8661's. It's a chucka boot that just covers the ankle. It's rated as follows:

Oil/Gas Excellent

Heat Fair

Chemical Excellent

Abrasion Excellent

Traction Excellent

Comfort on Concrete Excellent

Non-Marking Yes


I haven't had them long, but they ride well except I'm having to swap out the laces as they don't stay tied real well. (RW will give you alternates for free) I'm wondering when some of the shoe companies are going to realize that not everyone wants harley-style motorcycle boots.

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I've been riding with RedWings for about two years, they're also my daily office wear. I'm in IT and you never know when the steel toes might come in handy thumbsup.gif


When I started commuting on the bike my wife took me to the RedWing store and said if I was going to be on the bike I should get a good boot I could actually wear on a daily basis. I forget which model I have but frankly they're the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. So far they've been completely waterproof and I haven't necessarily been spending a ton of time maintaining them. Actually I usually wipe them down with a baby wipe every three months or so to clean em off and I've polished them once that I can remember. Well worth the $$ and they're holding up pretty well too.

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I've been wearing the 1229's for several seasons. GoreTex lined. Ridden through plenty of rain and cold.


I think they offer much better functionality at a better value than a lot of dedicated motorcycle boots.

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