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Russell wins another one.


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Just put on the Russell seats yesterday and took a little 200 miler. Not bad. A little higher than the stock low seat but narrow enough in the front so I can slide off a little and reach the ground. With a 27" inseam any seat is tall for me grin.gif

As compared to the Rick Mayer I have there is more support and a firmer foam and more area ,read wider, for my butt. thumbsup.gif

I will probably send the Mayer back for another adjustment.

Rick has been good about that but he cut too much out last time and made the seat too low for my old knees and the old butt pain came back also. UPS has made a fortune off me in seat shipping back and forth . tongue.gif

I wish we still had 3 heights of adjustment on the RT as the middle worked best on my old 1150.

I know, I know, maybe I should try short shocks but that is another bag of worms and costs more but who's counting?? grin.gif

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Is it possible to post a pic (or pics) of the new seat. I have an '06 RT and want to replace the seat as well. I really miss the 'comfort seat' of my '00 RT...




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Hey Gene, that is one sweet looking seat setup! thumbsup.gif


(I've got a Russell, but only the pilot seat.)



Chris (aka Tender Vittles),

Little '77 KZ400 in the Big Apple

Black '99 RT for Everywhere Else, such as ...


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Sorry no pictures. I need to update my camera stuff too.

As best as I can describe, the" wings" on my seat are not as far forward as in this picture and this is how my short legs can reach the ground. I don't have such a wide spread.

I'll have to get a picture taken and try to post as its hard to describe but it seems to work.

The people at Russell called me twice to discuss the low seat that I needed and delivered just what they said they could do.

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Thanks Gene,


As ChrisNYC says, that's a great looking seat. I just may have to copy that one for my bike (if you don't mind). Thanks for the pic!

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