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Bailey Island & Harpswell, Maine


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What a great day for a ride it was yesterday!! I left North Hampton NH around 9:30, met up with my buddy Rob (R12RT) in Rochester, NH, and from there we headed over towards Brunswick, Maine where his dad lives and his family has a camp on Harpswell Is. We wanted to get to our destination in a timely manner (with the hopes of beating the predicted t-storms later in the day), so we did a highway blast to get to Brunswick. From there, we headed down Rt. 123, then cut over to Bailey Island when we could pick up Rt. 24. Lunch at Cook's Lobster House couldn't have been any better - they are surrounded on 3 sides by water and have and outdoor deck. Oh, and the food was good too smile.gif They look upon the world's only cribstone bridge. http://www.bridgemeister.com/pic.php?pid=1484


This is some of the most beautiful Maine scenery I've seen yet. Quiet little coves, lots of sea birds, trees, and friendly people abound.


When we were heading back from Land's End (no, not the one you're thinking of probably!), which is a rather large gift shop at the very end of Bailey Island, we passed a group of maybe 6-8 other BWM riders who were pulled over to enjoy the view. I was so happy to see another R12ST in the group! A big hello to all of you if anyone of you is reading this post smile.gif


We then cut back across to Rt. 123 and drove down to the end of Harpswell Is. to visit Rob's family's camp. Very rustic and beautiful, it was built by his grandfather. A wonderful place to decompress and get away from it all for sure.


After that, the sky started to look a little ominous, so we headed for the highway, just skirting around the edges of the t-storm, only getting a little sprinkled on.


About a 250 mile round trip from N. Hampton, NH.







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Maine is one state I've never been to but needs to be added to my wish list. Right now I'm having way too much fun enjoying Oregon. Good report & pics. Thanks

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