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Leominster State Forest / Mt Wachusett / Puragtory Chasm


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On the way to 495 I got stuck on the train crossing. In 3 years of living here, I've never been stuck at this crossing. Since I got a late start I was hoping this wasn't an omen (it wasn't).


495S - 2W - 31S through the Leominster State Forest. The first few pics were taken here. I didn't plan on stopping here, so I'll definitely go back.


140N - Mill Hill Road, Mountain Road to Mt Wachusett. I got there 1/2 hour before it opened so I hung around and read a book (Long Way Round - I'll have to start another thread about this). I'm glad I waited. The top is around 2000 feet high and you pass the Wachusett Ski area as well as drive under 1 or 2 ski lifts. I'm going to have to come back and ski - I haven't been here in 20 years.


The views from the summit were pretty good, but it was hazy. Some other people up there were waiting for a hawk migration through the area. I walked around and waited a bit, but it was too early. I was hoping I could climb up the fire tower (there is one in NH I've found you can climb), but it was closed.

Not too many people, freah air, quiet. I couldn't ask for a better place or day.


I cautiously coasted to the bottom.


back to 140S through West Boylston, past various lakes and reservoirs. Down through Grafton & Upton to 16(W/S?) to 146N to purgatory road. On to Purgatory Chasm. I have to say it sounded better than it was. Great ride anyway.








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Interesting collection of pics Keith. Is that a brand new RT I see pictured in your slide show? If not you're spending too much time shining it up. smile.gif I've never been to your state so this trip & set of pics helps me get a local view. Good job! Thanks

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Hi Keith -

Great pictures as always, thank you for posting them! You were my inspiration to be better at photographing my own rides smile.gif The photo with all of the street signs cracked me up! Which way do you go...?? eek.gif


Have you ever ridden the Mohawk Trail out to the MA/NY border area? A friend of mine had suggested it as a day ride, but it looked a bit long with a departure from the NH Seacoast. I thought it might be nice to ride out and stay for the night, maybe somewhere over/up in VT.



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funny you should say that. It is a new 2006 RT brought home just after Memorial Day. It now has about 3500 miles on it. I just washed it for the first time the night before.

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thanks, i try hard with the photos but they never seem to look as good as others I see, but i must be doing something right.


I haven't ridden that way yet, but that sounds like a good ride for next weekend. It looks like a 2 hour ride on rt2 from 495 to the border. So, maybe 2.5 for me and more than 3.5 from Portsmouth.


My free time is limited, so I'm mostly doing day or less trips. With a loop through VT it sounds like a great overnighter.


I'm eager to hear about your trip.

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Felicia and Keith, The Mowhawk Trail is a fun ride. Best done early in the day to avoid traffic, especially on weekends. Coming from NH seacoast it would be a long day trip but not out of the question. Another route to add on to it is to head north in North Adams on RT 100/8 up into VT then RT 9 east to 119 and to wherever home is. Maybe 350-400 miles including VT side trip, from my area. I'm about to take off to VA this week but later in September or early October we should try to get a MA/NH group ride out to western MA. I haven't been out that way since the beginning of summer. Plenty of nice roads. Maybe do some early leaf peeping.

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Wheels Rollin'

Man! The surface of that lake was smoother than smooth-as-glass, Keith << shaking head in awe >>... Nice -- as were the other photos as well... Thanks so much for sharing them...


-- Bill

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I'm in. The last few years the leaves have been great mid october, but they are already changing here. Late Sept might be the time.


I was going to suggest (although i can do some other days)


sept 23 or 24

oct 7 or 8


but I could be persuaded to take a weekday off with some notice. Why don't the 2 of you PM me - we can set a date and then advertise it in the ride planning forum.

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Hey Keith,

There is a Purgatory Chasm in Southern NH as well. You have to walk into it about 1.5 miles if I recall. It is located in Mont Vernon. I haven't been there since I was probably 10 or 12 yrs old... memory may be more impressed than reality if you know what I mean grin.gif

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