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BMW Transition Touring Boots


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The obvious post "Has anyone had experience with these boots?" As far as the techno-style, I was one of the few who liked my Rosemont ski boots in the 70's(those ski boots had an external steel frame). I did a search for the last 3 years and found no hits in the archives.



John M Phillips(aka drjohn)

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In February I was looking for new boots and my BMW dealer had the Transitions on sale for $199. I wore them in the store for 30 minutes and found them to be very comfortable, especially considering the level of protection. (My old Vendramini's are still more comfortable but offer almost no protection. My Alpinestars may offer the same protection but lack comfort.)


They did squeak loudly with each step, but lubricating the ankle hinge on the "exoskeleton" with silicone spray solved that problem.


The Transitions worked great on my R1100S and on an R1200ST, but it was a pain to up-shift on my new R1200RT because of the difficulty in getting my toes under the shift lever. This was easily corrected by rotating the shift lever up one notch on the splined shaft.


So I give the Transitions a thumbs-up. They're convenient to get on and off; they're comfortable; they offer good protection; they are warm and weather-resistant; they now work on my RT; and the asking price was right. I don't think I would spend the list price of $300, but they are worth the $200 I spent.

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These were the last boots I thought I would buy, but after trying on several other products the Transitions were clearly the best. Good LD touring boot with plenty of support so you can walk around all day. 4-stars.

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