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Garmin 2720 versus Zumo


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I am considering the 2720 at the moment. I like it's ability to store up to 50 routes which can include midpoints. Doesn't look like the Zumo can store a route, or include midpoints in the calculated route. The 2720 can save 2000 waypoints oppose to Zumo's 500. And I have no need for MP3, JPG or Bluetooth.


Is the 2720 the best choice for me, or should I hold out and go with a Zumo ??

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I think that the Zumo's main advantages are its abilities to offer XM, Bluetooth, and MP3. If waypoints are your primary concern then a 2720 *may* be a better choice, although the standard Zumo package is pretty impressive.... I know that my trusted StreetPilot III is bound to be replaced by a Zumo 550 fairly soon, especially since great deals are available (see http://www.starmarinedepot.com/Garmin+zumo+550.html for an example)



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They're both high-end Garmins so it will be hard to go wrong for a competent GPS with either. I am coincidentally replacing my SPIII myself as is Dominique and have already last month pre-ordered the Zumo from Star Marine.


The Zumo just seems to me not so much overwhelmingly better than the 2720, but more desirable in subtle ways, largely because it is earmarked (but not exclusively) for, and engineered to be friendlier to operation on a motorcycle. I'm not personally concerned about many of the nuts and bolts of the Zumo or 2720 -- they both are or will be great units to get you from point A to B, but after using the unwieldy SPIII for 3 years now, I am much looking forward to the left-hand/easily glove-operated controls, the smaller size (the screen is in fact more than 96% the size of my SPIII), the extra "sunlight-readable" BRIGHTNESS in daylight conditions, the high-sensitivity receiver that is touted as being able to keep the signals in urban or natural canyons. I also like that you can use it walking/truly portable mode with the rechargeable lithium batteries. The optional Bluetooth (there's a standard 3.5" line-out on the base), MP3 (and I'd actually purchase a 4 or even one of the new 8GB SD cards for max MP3 loadings) are a lot of icing on the cake (I have and use a separate XM radio). Conveniently, all motorcycle and automobile mounts AND wiring comes with the Zumo. I've never had more than 70 waypoints on my SPIII; so I'd think 500 would be intrinsically adequate.


You might want to wait until the Zumo is actually in many of our hands and/or there are some third-party consumer/tech-type reviews out there (or at least until Garmin provides a down-loadable pdf of the manual). But no matter the choice, have fun -- and you can never go wrong with a Garmin.


You won't be needing a sunscreen (don't ask me why he's got it on the right side of his bike...)


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Yes, the Zumo does use the new high gain SIRF chipset. That's about the only feature of the Zumo that I wish the 2720 had.

To me, all of that extra media crap (Bluetooth, XM, MP3, ect) is something a motorcycle rider doesn't need dopeslap.gif

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