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Touch-Up Paint


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I nailed a large white bird l few weeks ago at a pretty good rate of speed. The bird came up out of a drainage ditch along Hwy 1 in Vero Beach, FL and couldn't gain altitude fast enough for us not to collide. He struck me on the RT's right side just below the rondel and left me with a 50 cent piece paint chip and a cloud of white feathers...not to mention an adrenaline induced tachicardia and chill.


I finally found a BMW Opal Blue touch up kit...how do I apply the blue paint and clear coat that come with the kit...specifics, please....

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Remove the panel and find yourself the cleanest driest area you can find. Then sand the area around the chip ("feathering" toward the outside) clean and degrease and then clean and degrease again, you don't want to be spraying over any wax residue or grime. Tape off the entire panel aside from the area your repairing and give yourself a good couple few inches around the damaged area lay down a good coat of primer on the effected area let dry sand with fine grit paper to level or remove any irregularities respray if necessary clean with a damp cloth and finish with a tack cloth. I'm assuming this is a two stage paint kit (base-coat/clear-coat)? If so lay down a light even coat of base, let dry, sand if necessary repeat this process until the paint is built up slightly below the damaged area. and finish with a good wet sanding to level and and blend with the factory paint. next apply the clear in the same manner many thin layers sanding in between coats. When completely dry finish with a wet sand to remove any "orange peel" finish it off with a good rubbing compound 3m makes a product called finesse it that is perfect for this (available on line, goggle it.) Reassemble, wash and wax and enjoy, its a great day for a ride!

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