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Shoei RF1000 head set help


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Just got a new RF1000 helmet.

Looking at installing my autocomm speakers and it's not the old foam I was expecting. There is no place to melt away a small hole to insert the speakers like I did in my old rf 900 helmet.

Anybody have any success installing a autocom headset in thier shoei RF1000.

Tell me all about it PLEASE.

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I have the same helmet, definitely not as speaker friendly as my ARAI. You can just put the speaker in the ear cutout and you will fit the helmet, however, when you stop it will feel good to take off the helmet. I ride with plugs in and I have never had to stop because of speaker discomfort. You can also take off the surround to the speaker and glue the remaining round speaker in place that leaves less chance of it touching your ear.

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Install the speakers using Velcro. Yes, they may be uncomfortable for the moment. But all you're going to do is position the speakers. Now adjust the speaker position until you have the center of the speaker lined up with the lower entry point into your ear canal. The center of the speakers is not in the center of the oval speaker enclosure. The speakers are actually offset a little. You can find the center by feeling through the foam for the protruding dimple. Again, that dimple needs to be aligned with the bottome of your ear canal.


Once you've established the proper location for the speakers and are getting a sweet, balanced sound out of your Autocom, mark the perimeter of the speakers, on the RF-1000's plastic, using a Sharpie. Then get your Dremel out and cut away at the plastic in the RF-1000's ear pockets using your markings as a guide. Once you've cut the correct hole, you should be able to "drop" the speakers into these new recesses (again, using the Autocom #COS-39 Velcro to secure them). This will get you the custom fit you desire.


True, RF-1000's are more of a pain to install ANY headset into than most helmets, but it is a great helmet and with a little extra work, you can have the best of both worlds.

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Nando your the MAN.

Once I commit to grinding on my new helmet the headset went in with ease.

Just makes me pucker cutting up my new lid.

Thanks again.

You know I might owe you on this one.

All the other stuff you gave me over the years you owed me.


Love wurty

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Glad to help, Wurty. Since I can't make Torrey this time, just leave it peaceful enough that they want us to come back next Spring, and we'll call it even.

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