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RT Transmission and Final Drive Drain Plug Crush Washers


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I was planning on changing my transmission and final drive fluids. I ordered the crush washers for the drain plugs from Mac's Cycle in lewiston ID, but they didn't get around to sending them yet. Question is, can I re-use the existing crush washers without having a leaky rear end and transmission? What about teflon tape? <<<<Softtail>>>> wave.gif

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The recommendation is to use new crush washers, but I have found myself in your situation and have never had problems reusing the existing washers



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Teflon tape is for pipe threads that seal on the threads (NPT). It lubricates the threads and fills the small spiral shaped void where the crest of the male thread doesn't quite reach the trough of the female threads and vice versa. Your drain plugs seal on the axial face, not on the threads. I would not use it because; 1. it will not help and 2. it might get in the gear box.


The purest will tell you to always replace the crush washers and others on this board will tell you that you can reuse them forty-eleven times if you don't overtighten them.

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You can buy crush washers at any auto parts shop. I have bought them at Checkers and at a Honda auto parts shop. Don't really need the BMW ones. I would not use teflon tape for the reasons already stated.



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