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Hi Friends

My BMW K1200GTs engine wanders at idle at around 1200rpm then drops to 900 then comes back up, I read somewhere that BMW had a recall to solve this problem on the engine management computer but i'm dammed if I can find the information again, does anyone know if this recall is true?

Im in the UK and my bike is October 2003.

Regards Tacky.

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Dennis Andress

It wasn't a recall as much as it was a warranty replacement of the ECU. The time limit to have it done ran out on Dec. 31 2005.

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As far as I know, errant idle was NEVER a problem on the old ECU. I had a bad one. And an idle problem as well, but wasn't the ECU, as I thought. Only problem with the old ECU was cold fuel enrichment (not enough) and rich conditions at some rpm intervals (slightly higher fuel consumption than with new ECU). I rode my bike that way for over 2 years witwh no problems, other than sometimes having to hit the starter button twice after stalling below 40º, but always fired right up the second time (go figure!).


My idle problem was, unbelievably, a too tight throttle cable (never adjusted under PDI), even though it felt loose. Adjusted it by the book, and my 2-yr idle problems magically went away (before the ECU change, by the way).

The other very common idle problem is vacuum leaks, and it's easily remedied by removing the left panel and finding the offending vacuum line(s) associated with the charcoal canister (I removed them so never had to worry about them).

By the way, not all ECUs were bad, which I can't understand, but it's true. Best way to find out is to start the bike at 40º. Shouldn't stall, and throttle should respond without hesitation. That's the test dealers used to determine if good or bad. If you have a bad one, and still under warranty, you should get it replaced; many folks have done that, even after that 'deadline'.

Let me tell you even with the new ECU my bike sometimes hard starts (but doesn't stall) below 40º, so you know; it was added to the 'nature of the beast' list of thingsdopeslap.gif.

Good luck buddy.

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