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R1200ST CANBUS Update


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I am taking my 05 ST in for a 600 mile service and was told I need an update to my canbus system that will keep it from running my battery down while the bike is off. Should I have this done since I am hearing about all kinds of problems that can come from these updates?

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If you're not experiencing any problems with yours at this point, leave it alone!!!!!!!


Wait for a stable update.


YMMV, IMHO, My .02 thumbsup.gif

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I was told by my dealer they are not installing any battery updates until the factory gives them an un-flawed program.

The dealer recognizes the update is bad and so does the factory. They are working on a new one.

Short answer: NO, don't do it.

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the new update version #7 is available. It seems (possibly) to add more fuel as I don't have any pinging at all and my fuel milage has dropped slightly.

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There was an update that I got in March for the battery, not sure what it was, but I haven't had any problems. My battery died before the update, and finally died for good two months later which was replaced under warranty. So unless they have that particular update lying around, perhaps just stay away from the rest of em for now smile.gif

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The horror stories-


Had an update done about six months ago and the accessory sockets became unuseable. Still no fix, but I have heard that the 7.0 is supposed to fix this. I am leery and not going to get it done until there is some conclusive proof that it indeed does fix this. Otherwise, if your bike is not giving you any troubles, just say NO to the updates.



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Well I have only had the bike for a month so I don't really know if I have that particular problem. I will say this though I bought the bike as a leftover and I did notice one day when I was sitting in the garage it had a Yuasa Honda bramded battery installed. My initial thought was since this was a multiline japaness dealer along with BMW is that the battery must have been bad and the cheap asses put in a Yuasa. So maybe it does have that problem.

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7.0 does look promising:



R-Series (K2x) motorcycles:


The following changes were made due to the right side cylinder head temperature sensor being eliminated on motorcycles produced after factory shut down, ‘07 model year:

• Suppression of fault code memory entry for temperature sensor, cylinder 1 (on the right when viewed in the direction of travel)

• the new program and data statuses can be set up on vehicles equipped with both sensors.


IMPORTANT: The program affects the BMS-K diagnostics, i.e. after this software has been programmed, any failure of the temperature sensor, cylinder 1 (right side as sitting on motorcycle) is no longer displayed via a fault code

memory entry, even when the sensor is removed. This is due to the fact, the BMS K no longer looks for this input data.

Improved "gear recognition" function:

• clears the "intermittent errors in the gear indicator" or "incorrect gear readings in the instrument cluster" symptoms.

• considerably fewer incorrect readings in the instrument cluster through reduction of the adaptation times, which improves the recognition function.


Additional, model-related functions:

R 1200 S (K29) - ridability modification:

• improved, more responsive throttle response.

• stops the engine "choking" when the throttle valve is opened abruptly.

• generally improved ridability.


IMPORTANT: this update changes the ridability of the vehicle noticeably and should only be programmed with the agreement of BMW Motorrad Technical Support and of the customer. Reprogramming back to the previous software version is not possible!



New Features after BMS K programming - All models:

To improve adaptation of the vehicle following successful BMS-K control unit programming, the throttle-valve potentiometer and the idle speed actuator are initialized. In the process, the new adaptive values are "taught in".



Applies to R-Series and K-Series motorcycles:

General modifications, applies to all models:

Modification to the “switch-off” behavior of the on-board socket and accessories socket:

• rectifies the following issues:

- on-board socket and/or navigator switch off intermittently.

- on-board socket and navigator switch off briefly when ignition is switched “On".

Modification to the horn “switch-off” behavior:

• rectifies the following issue:

- horn fails when activated continuously or when pressed briefly several times.



Additional, model-related functions:

Modification to fuel gauge on the following models:

- R 1200 GS and R 1200 GS Adventure (without board computer),

- R 1200 ST

- K 1200 S

- K 1200 R

rectifies the following issue:

• fuel gauge does not display all bars when the tank is full. (only applies to motorcycles equipped with segmented instrument cluster)

Modification to the range remaining display on the following model:

- R 1200 RT (without board computer)

rectifies the following issue:

• range remaining displays incorrectly



Applies to R and K series motorcycles supplied with dot matrix instrument clusters:

• Improved contrast adjustment:

Corrects the following issue:

- symbols and display are poorly visible in the instrument cluster

• Possible to write the mileage reading when replacing the instrument cluster with a new unit.

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