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Electric vests hookups for GS 1100


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My wife and I both have the Aerostich electric vests. Mine is longsleeve and hers is actually a vest. I have one outlet by the left foot peg. My questions is can I split off the one outlet for 2 vests or do I need another outlet? I have a 95 GS 1100. Also is the alternator capable of staying up with that much drain? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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The alt. will easily carry the load.


ISFA the socket, your going to be on the edge. Why not hardwire the vests' harnesses directly to the battery?

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I believe he is saying that the alternator has the capacity to power both vests, but the rating of the fuse for the socket may be close to the current draw of both vests. If you know the current draw (or watts since current/amps = watts/volts) of each vest, and the size of the outlet fuse, you can decide yourself if it will draw enough current to pop the fuse. Don't replace the fuse with a higher amperage fuse and if you do take his advice and "hardwire the vests' harnesses directly to the battery”, make sure you have an inline fuse to limit current, in case of a short.


Yea, guess it is starting to get that time of year again where the cold weather gear comes out of storage...

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