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Navigator III


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I, too, got it with my new bike through the promotion. BMW NA shipped it directly to my dealer 3 weeks after I bought the bike. I installed it and it works great.


My dealer said that they did not have it yet for resale. So the answer to your question (according to my dealer) is yes and no dopeslap.gif


I did not ask when they would get it.

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I got one with my 06 RT, but haven't installed it yet. The dealer says it's an hour job, you have to pull the plastic, etc. so I thought I'd just let them do it during the 600 mile service. The instructions didn't seem so great on glancing over them. How did the install go for you?

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First and foremost, make a copy of the English words and place them next to the pictures with the German wording.


The install did take 1 hour, but included a trip to Northern Tool to buy some tools and no plastic came off. The bike is pre-wired for it. The wiring plug is attached to the steering thing-a-mc-bob. Shine a flash light from the left hand side and you can see the plug. It has a white cap and goes nowhere. I reached in with a scissors and cut the fabric tape holding the plug to the steering.


I connected the wiring harness and did not zip tie it to anything until I put together the mounting bracket. The screwy thing about the bracket is that you need a hefty torx bit to pull out the bolts from the handlebars but you will need a hefty allen key to put the new bolts in. BMW used a bunch of anti-seize on the bolts that I removed which I promptly smeared on everything I touched grin.gif


Once I checked that I had enough free cable to turn the handlebars from side to side, I zip tied the wiring to some other wiring.


The GPS is nice and it will stay powered for a minute after the bike is turned off and then turn itself off.

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Thanks for the report. I have my 600 mi service coming up this Friday. If I could find some time between now and then, I'd be tempted to give it a go. Doesn't sound too bad (at least the way you explain it) Kudos for deciphering the instructions, btw. I'd also be interested in any tips you might have after using it for a bit and if you are using any voice/audio features.

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My $18K GPS came with a free bike. lmao.gif My wife got the GPS I was using for sales. The Magellan 760 was great for in car work.


I have not used the voice prompts on the bike with the NAV III (don't have the proper headset or gear but it would come in handy). I have in the car. Changing the volume is not as easy as I would like (no external button). I like that in MAP mode it will tell me what streets are coming up. Also, the destination icon is a checkered flag, so I always think I won a race when I get where I am going clap.gif

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