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battery life


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'04 R1150RT,if yu were to use the parking light(bike),how long can it be used without draining the battery below the required starting voltage?..the battery is strong and fully charged.

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You should still be able to start after leaving the lights on overnight. The parking lights approx 14 ohm resistive load (I assume 2 x 5 Watt as can't be bothered looking up the actual) is low and will produce a linear discharge of the 17A/h battery.


Under an overnight parking light situation the starter motor will get its best chance of starting the engine if you then switch off the lights and don't try to start for an hour. This is because the battery changes its internal resistance with a rest.


Of course how long is a piece of string? If you have not been keeping your battery on an intelligent charger all the time you are not riding then your battery is deteriorating no matter how much you later ride the bike.

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